Why CAD drafting services to us?


We deliver standardized submittal drawings with accurate geometrical dimensioning and tolerances as per international and industry specific design and drafting standards. Our CAD drafting technicians are equipped to handle projects of any complexity and scope and deliver top-quality drafting services at a much more competitive price.

Whether you are located in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Europe; our Dedicated Team serve you from remote facilities.Insight has done more than 1000+ projects across india and overseas.

Product Development Services

Product Development is the iteration based process of brainstorming, inventing, planning, designing, prototyping, testing, and refining a product design concept from its inception to a finish market ready product.

Design Launchers is a full service, customer oriented Product Development Company. We will guide you through each step of our Product Development Process and help make your new product the best it can be.

Our Product Development Process:
  • Free Phone & In-Person Consultation
  • Project Scope, Strategy, Planning, & Budget Creation
  • Industrial Design (aesthetics) for Product Marketability
  • Photo-realistic CAD Model Renderings for Sales & Marketing
  • Competitive Product Benchmarking Review
  • Converting 2D Drawings/Prints to 3D CAD Models
  • CAD Design & 3D Modeling (using SolidWorks)
  • 3D Laser Scanning of Existing Components
  • Product Design & Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Detailed Dimensioned Drawings/Prints for Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, & Additive Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing & Production Assistance
  • Customized Products (i.e. Awards, Gifts, & Personalization)
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Areas of our expertise in CAD Drafting Services

With an experience of 4+ years of delivering drafting services for various industry verticals; we have acquired expertise across enlisted areas:

  • 2D and 3D CAD Drawings
  • CAD Conversion (PDF to CAD & 2D to 3D
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings with BOM
  • Components Drawings
  • Metal Doors and Windows Design
  • Manufacturing Detail Drawings
  • Create 3D Model from Existing Drawings / Images
  • Mechanical Drafting Drawings
  • Casting Drawings
  • Sheet Metal Design Drafting
  • Furniture Drawings
  • Cabinet Drafting
  • Millwork & Casework Drawings

Apart from our best CAD drafting services cost, enlisted are our fortes:
     Insight Design Fortes

Deep Domain Expertise

     Insight Design Fortes

On Time Delivery

     Insight Design Fortes

Fast and Reliable

     Insight Design Fortes

Dedicated Resource

     Insight Design Fortes

Quality Assurance

     Insight Design Fortes

Global Presence

Our global customer-base includes:
  • Mechanical Drafting Drawings
  • Casting Drawings
  • Sheet Metal Design Drafting
  • Furniture Drawings
  • Cabinet Drafting
  • Millwork & Casework Drawings
  • As-built and Markup Drawings
  • Migration of library to new software

Get the Insight Design Consultant Advantage

  • Casting design for manufacturing
  • Rotor Dynamics / Bearings
  • Analysis & design of auto components
  • Installation of piping & ducting
  • Vibro-Acoustics / Motor Design
  • Machinery Processes / Cutting Tools

Our Works

Insight Design Consultant provides well executed drawings and drafting services. Our 2D drafting team has good understanding of architectural, structural, and civil engineering requirements. Additionally, our team has experience in product design, manufacturing and prototyping in various industries. Your drawings will be readily editable, easy to archive, search, and modify.

By accessing our services, your drawings will be easy to integrate with other parts or assemblies, speeding up the CAD design process. We handle any complexity level with cutting edge technology that could satisfy all your engineering requirements.

We offer seamless shop drawing and drafting services with guaranteed improved efficiency on your design processes, presentation styles, and CAD libraries, including ‘easy-to-modify’ revision control, linked annotations, and layer management adhering to engineering CAD standards

We deliver 2D drafting services that ensure accuracy, cost effectiveness and affordability. We serve local firms as well as outsource companies with professionalism and attention.

Insight Design delivers high-quality CAD Conversion Services, helping you to convert paper, PDF and scan- based drawings into accurate and editable CAD drawings. We manually re-draft the engineering or architectural drawings in CAD by carefully referring to the original hard-copy or raster-based drawings.

Insight works on CAD conversion projects of all sizes. Being familiar with the global codes of practice, we provide CAD Conversion services across all geographies. Our experts have the hands-on experience and skills to understand and convert drawings related to Civil Engineering and Architecture, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fabrication, and Ship Building.

We generate and deliver the CAD conversion output drawings in the format of .dwg, .dwfx, .dgn, .acis, .dwf and others. All the drawings at IndiaCADworks will have high-level of quality and accuracy in output.

IDC provides 3D modeling and 3D rendering services for diverse industry verticals. With years of industry presence, ICW has delivered precise 3D models to a variety of companies around the world including architectural firms, building and structural designers, and manufacturers of aerospace, automotive parts, and other machine components.

IDC helps architects, real estate firms, realtors, and contractors in visualizing their concept designs,production or construction blueprints. Similarly, our 3D rendering services also help in visualizing products and mechanical assemblies. Whether for promotion or stakeholder presentation, our team is specialized in interior/exterior architectural renderings and mechanical engineering renderings for commercial buildings, residential projects, leisure resorts, masterplans, product rendering, and many others.

If you have a project that requires 3D architectural rendering, animated virtual walkthroughs, photorealistic rendering, or product rendering, contact us.

IDC can help you develop a unified, single CAD platform for your projects. We respond to your needs of employing a new and high-end CAD system with advanced features that will suit your designs and engineering works. CAD migration is a frequent need encountered and we can reduce your work stress resulted from issues of data compatibility, changes in software formats, process complexity. More than this, we will save you the time you would consume translating your CAD files from one software format to another format.


Careful work across many different data types

1.Migration services applied to projects of any size

2.Accurate validation and checking of the migrated data

3.Services tailored to suit your company needs

4.Short time frame of implementation

5.Provision of appropriate solutions to your legacy data

6.Extended team with migration expertise

7.High quality standards for geometry and methods

8.Large repository of migration tools ready for deployment

Frequently Asked Questions

What format can the drawings be sent in?

The files can be sent in any graphics format like TIFF, JPEG or PDF. Paper drawings can be couriered to our office. AutoCAD drawings may be emailed to us for 3D modeling and animation.

What drawing standards are followed?

We follow the standards you set. We can also use default standards such as the AIA guidelines.

How do we communicate?

Communication can be done by email, phone, fax, or online chat. We can also set up an FTP transfer for our clients.

In what resolution can the paper drawings be scanned?

The paper drawings can be scanned starting from 150 DPI – 200 DPI, and the most important part is the clarity of the information sent.

Can drawings be sent through fax?

You can fax your drawings to us, though it may lead to a loss of quality and information.

What kind of turnaround time can be expected?

The turnaround time depends on the project and the output required. We can work with short deadlines if needed.

Do you spell-check the drawings?

Yes, we maintain the quality of the drawings. We may, however, need a glossary or interpretation of architectural terminology if the language used is not English.

How do you ensure the security of data?

Regarding projects, we do not disclose any computer and/or paper data generated by us or sent to us.

How do you send heavy data files?

We can transfer a large amount of data through our high-speed internet services. Also, we can burn a CD and post it to you as per your convenience.

Are these services permissible under the law?

Yes. These Net-Enabled services are covered under the WTO agreement and are signed by more than 110 countries.

If you have any queries, please contact us!

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